Jan 28 2013

The Perks of Having Mommy Friends

Every mommy needs a cocktail now and then.

When a single gal learns that one of her girlfriends is expecting, she usually has two reactions. The first one (publicly expressed) is an overjoyed “Oh my gosh, congratulations! I’m so happy for you!” The second one (courtesy of the little devil on her shoulder) is “Ugh. There goes another one of my drinking buddies.”

Don’t deny it, you know it’s true.

But just because your gal-pal has been called to the mother ship doesn’t mean she has to be lost to you for good. In fact, mommy friends, when they’re able to steel some time away from the kiddos, can actually be a lot of fun and come in quite handy. Consider the following:

They always have snacks
Everyone gets a little peckish during a night at the club or mid shopping adventure, right? Well, when you’re out with a mommy friend you don’t have to risk E. coli from the bar nuts or cut your shopping trip short to go in search of a Big Mac. Why? Because every good mommy is prepared to quell hunger pains with some animal crackers or a fruit leather stowed in her giant mom purse. And she will hook you up.

They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty
These women have seen it all. And they know how to deal with it. On a recent night out with one of my fave mommy friends, we were about to grab the last seat in the house, only to discover it covered in some sort of mystery goo. What does mommy do? She whips out her trusty wet wipes and mops up the unidentified stickiness without a moment’s hesitation, saving us from a night of standing in uncomfortable heels.

They have big rides
Ok, so you might not think it’s cool to roll up to the club in a mile-long mini van. But think again. Imagine how many of your fabulous friends you can cram in that thing and how good it will feel to stretch out in the back and watch some “Sponge Bob” on the way home. Just make sure you have a DD capable of the steering the USS Mom-Mobile.

They really need a drink
No matter how bad a week you think you’ve had – stress at work, lousy dates – your mommy friend has probably had it worse. Because her kid probably shoved something up its nose, or vomited on something expensive or spent the day in the principal’s office. So when mommy gets a rare night out, she’s ready for a shot or five.

They know where all the good sales are
Nobody bargain hunts like a mommy. You can always count on her to tell you exactly where to find deals on everything from organic produce to a new winter coat.

They sometimes need a babysitter
One of the major bonuses of having a friend with kids is that you get to be the super-fun “auntie” who hopefully gets to go home before the diaper gets too smelly.


  1. Erin

    Such a great post. Yes, I rally when I can, but with great friends like you – it is too much fun to stay home and not go out. And my mini-van is always available for a late night outing and a movie to go 🙂

  2. Angie

    I love you Alexis!!! 🙂

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