Oct 15 2012

30 Ways You Know You’re 30

  1. You have a bedtime again.

    Hot wings before bedtime? I'd better pass.

  2. There are certain foods you can no longer eat after 9 p.m.
  3. You have 10 different anti-aging creams in your medicine cabinet, just to be prepared.
  4. You hear your favorite song from high school playing at the grocery store.
  5. You’ve sustained at least one injury whilst sleeping.
  6. You refer to someone in their early 20s as “kid.”
  7. Recovering from last night takes substantially longer than it used to.
  8. You have friends who are getting RE-married.
  9. You remember when Saturday morning cartoons weren’t completely demented.
  10. You have clothes in your closet even the thrift store doesn’t want.
  11. You no longer need to use 14-point font on your resume.
  12. Things your parents say start to make sense.
  13. Your friends live in houses. That they bought.
  14. And they’re having babies. On purpose.
  15. Being carded when buying alcohol has become a cause for celebration.
  16. You think the 90s were only 10 years ago.
  17. That carnival in the grocery store parking lot seems a lot scarier than it used to.
  18. You catch yourself in an in-depth conversation about the price of gas or groceries.
  19. You tried on a pair of Naturalizers when no one was looking (so comfy!)
  20. You really truly are excited about that new salad spinner you just bought.
  21. You own at least one piece of furniture you didn’t get from a garage sale or your Aunt Ruth.
  22. A power nap sounds more appealing than a Power Hour.
  23. You don’t recognize half the balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  24. An increasing number of your Saturday nights are spent on the couch, and you are perfectly ok with that.
  25. You realize most of your favorite Olympic athletes are younger than you.
  26. You think NPR is cool.
  27. Your medicine cabinet contains more than one bottle of vitamins (right next to those anti-wrinkle creams).
  28. You quote movies the office intern has never heard of.
  29. You regret every time you refused to take a nap when you were a kid.
  30. You’ve attempted to “find yourself” through at least one of the following: yoga, therapy or backpacking through a foreign country, only to discover that you’re still a little lost.

1 comment

  1. Kaylene

    Lol! Great list. I always think the 90’s was just a few years ago;-)

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