Sep 18 2012

DIY: 30 Sucks Party Favor

Know someone getting ready to celebrate their 30th? You can rub it in with this cute do-it-yourself party favor.

I came across this idea during a late night perusing Pinterest and decided to make my own for a friend’s recent birthday.

It’s super simple. All you need is a box, colored paper, floral foam, glue, a Sharpie and big ol’ bag of suckers.

Step 1: Find or design a pretty box. The original instructions for this project, which I found on a blog called Sisters Stuff, said to cover a small shoe box in decorative paper using Modge Podge. Not having a shoebox, or the patience to decorate one, I took an even easier route and grabbed a colorful box from the dollar section at Target. (Yes, I cheated.)

Step 2: Cut the floral foam, found in the craft section, to fit the box. (It slices easily with a knife.)

Step 3: Shove your suckers (preferably 30 of ‘em) into the foam.

Step 4: Add a “Happy Birthday” sign to the box with glue or double-sided tape. (I cut up some blank Post-It notes to create my signs because I have a boatload of them lying around, but you can get fancier paper if you want.) Then attach a “30 Sucks” sign to a sucker stick in the middle of the foam.

Voilà! Simple and sweet gift for the birthday guy or gal.

1 comment

  1. Erin

    I’m still mad I didn’t take more of them in my purse to the bar that night. Everyone was enjoying them by the end of the night. Very cute idea.

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